Project 1- Basketball Graphic

The information design sample I choose for my project is titled the Evolution on Basketball. This sample piece was taken from the designer Cody Rogers who has a portfolio of images communicating an idea using artistic practices. This is a prime example of information design, the design uses line, color, form, labeling, and other aspects to effectively illustrate the evolution of basketball.

A link to my project one graphic.. The evolution of basketball

Facebook v. Twitter

The attached image that compares and contrasts facebook and twitter is a good subject for analysis due to the amount of detail used and the relevance of this image to our culture today. It shows the percentages for various aspects of the people who use facebook and twitter, as well as the functionality of each website and the financial facts for each. This diagram is effective because it puts facebook and twitter into perspective because there have been countless arguments regarding the effectiveness of each website compared to the other.

Google Maps

Google maps is an excellent example of how qualitative issues arrise when resulting in the creation of lines throughout a diagram. The website is great for communicating location and directions for a funtional user by providing various geographical maps to point the user in the right direction. For example, the map going from Clemson to Maryland is cleary defined and seen visually so the user can direct themselves cognitevly mapping themselves to accomplish their trip. Katz states the line has three functions:


One website that I'm always pleased with when it comes to easy navigation is The website has several huge headlines, and then on the right hand side of the page, there are a ton of smaller headlines. The organization of these headlines is very easy to understand. The smaller headlines are accompanied with a picture so that it's easy to get a feel for what the story is going to be about. All around, it's a very easy website to navigate, even when you click through multiple stories because you're always able to return to the home page pretty easily.