Jan. 29th Effective Design Assignment

The website I found to be an effectively designed website is http://enditmovement.com/. This website uses emotional power to communicate the foundation's purpose and its mission. The website uses both pictorial and numerical images on the home page of the website. If you scroll almost to the bottom of the page, there are facts and figures concerning slavery and its prevalence around the world. All of the words and captions on the website are simple and straightforward and direct.

Function--Grasping the important elements of the subject


The campus map is a good example of how the fidelity of an image can help the user grasp the important material. The accuracy of the landscape (especially the central location of campus--reflection pond and amphitheater) helps new students learn where they are on campus relative to where they need to go next.

Ineffective Info Design

When comparing Google.com with Amazon.com, it is clear to see that Amazon is lacking in effective information design. The homepage for the site is cluttered with ads and prices, and the categories for shopping are not readily visible... you must search for the drop down button to see them. Google, however, shows how it should be done: search bar in the middle of the page where the eye will immediately see it, all white background with no ads means no distraction.