Rice School of Architecture

Website: http://architecture.rice.edu/

The Rice School of Architecture has a visually appealing website, but the information is difficult to understand.

The data doesn't have sufficient hierarchy/relationships. The menu bar near the top has a lot of information, but that information is a bit overwhelming. It is difficult to determine if the menu bar has links to Rice Architecture information or general Rice information.

Katz Chap 1

The site I'd like to use for this response is AARP.org. It's nice to see that they have improved the site over recent years, but there is still SO MUCH information. The designer tries to create a hierarchy of information through the structure of the site (menu bar and nav bar), but ultimately fails. The data is too dense and completely overwhelming:

Ineffective Advertising

The link that is attached below shows an image of an advertisement on the side of a vehicle. The Home Depot advertisement is ineffective because there is too much information crammed onto the side of the vehicle. A trade show is being advertised and it includes the date, time, and location of the trade show. There are also several phrases written on the advertisement, as well as a website for customers to view. The logos of the sponsors are also found on the advertisement, which is a distraction to people who are trying to discover the purpose of the advertisement.

reading response

I found this image on google. It's obviously making a connection and exploring the history between graffiti and street art. However, the designer may not have taken into account the audience because this map is very difficult to follow because there is a lot going on. I don't understand how some of the subjects on this map are related to others. It is visually compelling and the subject at hand is interesting but the design was not executed successfully because it is difficult to understand.

Lingscars.com The source for UN/NON/MIS/DiS information.

Ling (The site designer) wants to "make your experience a happy one" but among the crazy music, wigs, blinking graphics, and complete lack of dull messages it seems to say,"EVERYTHING IS IMPORTANT!" In effect "NOTHING IS IMPORTANT AND MY EYEBALLS ARE BLEEDING!"
There seems to be no logical order of information in this site at all. It's like Ling just wants you to know she has a crazy site and that the big flags and inflatable-monster-style advertising tactics of physical car lots are just as effective on the web in her mind...