project 2

Deliverables 1 and 2 for Project 2

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At first I was looking at doing an infographic about coffee and caffeine consumption among college students because I consume both on a daily basis. However, as I was looking up more information, I felt that doing an infographic on prescription stimulants among college students would be a much more interesting topic on which to do my infographic. Plus, I found several sources that were very thorough on the topic.

Deliverable 2

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My information graphic is going to take the form of a pie chart that displays the various reasons that facebook users reported for voluntarily taking a "facebook break" out of the total number of facebook users surveyed. The graphic may also include two other graphs that display users predicted change in time spent on facebook in the next year and the importance placed on facebook by such users.

Deliverable #2: Age matched with Income

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I will be creating an information graphic which demonstrates major cities in the United States and correlating average income with average age. The information will all be gathered by the 2010 Census from the Census Burro. I thought this was relevant since we're all graduating and wanting to live in a location where higher incomes are made for students out of college. I will be focussing more on the age range from 22-30 (the young adult category).