project 3

Project 3 - Deliverable Two

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Revision of Concept
Instead of creating pictograms for each of the five academic programs in CAFLS, I've decided to focus exclusively on the Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences department. What I've created takes the form of a sign/banner and can be used on PPT templates or other promotional materials the department develops. For the final version, I hope to improve the packaging science portion of the graphic (the box shape) and add some sort of sparkle shapes that emerge from the box. I don't want to weigh down the graphic with too many elements.

Project 3- Clemson and USC

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I am creating a pictograph based on the amount of bowl games Clemson has won compared to USC. The rivalry between the South Carolina Gamecocks and Clemson Tigers is fierce. I think students at Clemson will enjoy the pictograph because Clemson has won more bowl games and would be perfect to have around campus during football season to show team spirit.

Project 3 - Deliverable 1

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I think I've decided to make a form for a babysitting application. Babysitting is something that I've done since I could have a job, and when I have my own kids, I think it would be a good idea to have a useful application for potential babysitters that provides relevant information about the person who's going to be watching my kids when I'm away. If I didn't make a babysitting application, I would make a form for babysitters that's sort of like a fill in the blank for what to do or what to cook when you've run out of ideas while babysitting.

Project Log: Project 3

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I am planning to create a pictograph about commas. I was inspired by the visual puns in the first link. Because I want to teach my audience about the proper use of commas, my pictograph will give more information about the topic, while staying clean and simple (I hope!).

Project 3 Deliverable 1

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I intend to design an application for employment for Greenville Journal. Having worked there, I have an idea of what they are looking for in an employee and will create an "intimate" application that actually gets to know the applicant. I'll use design strategies like hierarchy, proximity, color, font, etc. to create an organized, effective, and aesthetically pleasing form.

Project 3 part 1: bad road sign

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I may find another road sign to do, but this is the one I'm going to start with:

I think this is a bad road sign and could be parodied in a way that would be entertaining. I will use one of the Adobe programs in class to make something that looks believable but is a joke.