Tufts Layering

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The main point of Tufte’s strategy for layering information is about connecting the details by bringing different dimensions to create an effective web design. Tuft describes layering as "felicitous subtraction of weight, enhances representation of both data dimensionality and density on flatland (59).” Through layers, information graphics can come to life enhancing its form of communication to the user.

Tufte - Layering and Separation

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Proportion, transparency, coherence, order, tranquility....these are the results of data that is properly layered and separated. An information graphic with layering and separation affords greater visual interpretation. The independent elements become more organized and discernible. The relationships between data points are more clearly defined. Chaos disappears. Tufte is essentially saying that layering and separation produces simplicity of form and shape and visually appealing data. He writes about the removal of "clutter" and "noise reduction" (Tufte 62).