Week 15, April 16

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Tuesday, April 16

Due Today

  • Reading: Chapter 4 of Designing Information ("Structure, Organization, Type: Hierarchy and Visual Grammar").
  • Reading Response: Define the concepts of organization, proximity, and hiearchy, then find (and link to or attach) one example (form or image) that violates good practice in some way. Explain in a couple of sentences what went wrong. (Tag: reading response)
  • Step 1 of Project 3 due. In a blog post, describe the focus of your project, your reason for choosing it, and the specfic information that you hope to convey. Be sure to mention the sources for your information. Tag your post project 3. You'll have some time in class to discuss your topic with others and, if needed, to change your mind and repost a refined topic.

Peer Review

  • Peer Review of Project 3 Topics. Read and respond to five (5) blog posts of your peers. Try to respond as a reader. Will the form or pictograph solve a problem or address a need simply and elegantly?

As a Group

  • Continue development of your Group Project.

Thursday, April 18

On Your Own

As a Group

  • Final Review of Prototypes for the Group Project: Meet with the two groups you met with for initial peer review, updating them on your progress. Reviewers: Be tough. What needs to be done before the showcase?

For Tuesday, April 23

  • Draft of Project 3 due for peer review. Your initial draft draft should include all elements of your form or be a complete pictograph ready for in class user-testing and review. Post your draft to a blog post as a PDF file or a link (to a Google Form, for example); tag your post project 3 and project 3 draft.
  • Group Projects should be ready for final testing, printing, etc.