Week 16, April 23

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Tuesday, April 23

Due Today

  • Draft of Project 3 due for peer review. Your initial draft draft should include all elements of your form or be a complete pictograph ready for in class user-testing and review. Post your draft to a blog post as a PDF file or a link (to a Google Form, for example); tag your post project 3 and project 3 draft. Each person should complete two reviews using the form attached to this calendar. Due, Tuesday, April 23.
  • Group Projects should be ready for final testing, printing, etc.

Wednesday, April 24

The Pearce Center for Professional Communication invites you to a showcase featuring student work from the Client-Based Program, the Pearce Center Interns, the Writing Fellows Program, and other Pearce Center sponsored initiatives. Students will be displaying their work in the newly redesigned Class of 1941 Studio for Student Communication in Daniel Hall. Please drop in between 11:30am-1:30pm on Wednesday, April 24. Light refreshments will be served.

Those able to attend should set-up no later than 11:15 am. Bring printed projects (where applicable) ready for display.

Thursday, April 25

Last day of class . . .

Due Today

  • Project 3 Due: Your polished draft should include your information graphic, your related story, and the data you used to create the information graphic, in the form of a single PDF file, submitted to the class Dropbox folder, Project 3 subfolder. Due by the end of the day.

On Your Own

  • Learning Module 4 (Managing Your Identify): The directions for this module will be distributed in class and are in the Dropbox > Learning Modules > Module 4 folder. Also, two of the needed files are attached to this calendar.
  • Complete and submit the Collaborative Project Evaluation Form (attached) no later than May 3. Email it to Dr. Blakesley.