Week 6, Feb. 12

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Tuesday, February 12

Due Today

  • Reading: Norman, Chapter 5 (no written response required)

Group Activities

Learning Module 2: Annotating Images

On Your Own

For Thursday, February 14

Thursday, February 14

Introduction of the Group Project: Client-Based Information Design. Choose a client/topic that you may be interested in and sign-up for it. Groups will be assigned based on interests. There should be no more than one graduate student per group.

Due Today

  • Initial Draft (Deliverable 2) of Project 1 due at the start of class for peer review. Your document should be in the form of a single PDF file containing the example for analysis and the parts you've completed thus far.

As a Group

  • In groups of three, share your initial drafts. Each Reader should read two drafts, then complete the Peer Review of Individual Projects form (attached below) for each and send it to the Author. Allow 15-20 minutes for each form. When finished, gather as a group to share oral feedback on each Author's draft.

For Tuesday, February 19