Week 9, March 5

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Tuesday, March 5

Due Today

  • Reading: Tufte, Envisioning Information (Chapter 1)
  • Reading Responses: Identify (and include in your post) what you think is the most important principle discussed in Chapter 1. Explain why you think it's important and how it helps you understand information design. Cite examples. Use the tags: reading response, envisioning information, and any others that you wish. (Use all lower case for tags for consistency.)

As a Group

  • Finalize plans for your interview with your client(s). Be prepared to conduct them this week or next, while Dr. B. is at conferences.

On Your Own

  • Complete Step 1 of Project 2 (Topic Description/Data Source). Post it to your blog with the tag: project2 and data source.

For Next Time

Please Note: Dr. B. has to leave town to present at two conferences at the end of this week and next, so there will be no in-class meetings on March 7, 12, and 14. However, you're expected to continue work on your group projects (client interviews) and Individual Project 2 and should be posting completed steps when they are due, which are listed on the project description and calendar.