Publishers Weekly

Breaking Down Financial Woes for Writers

The recent Authors Guild survey showed that median income for fulltime writers in 2017 was $20,300. The numbers get worse from there.

Deb Futter and Jamie Raab Unveil Celadon

A second chance. A final act. A rebirth. For its founders, Jamie Raab and Deb Futter, Celadon Books is a chance to close out their careers on their own terms.

Uniting Penguin and Random House: PW Talks with Madeline McIntosh

Penguin Random House completed moving its Penguin staff members that had been working on Hudson St. to 1745 Broadway, where Random House has long had its headquarters, on January 2. PW talked with PRH US CEO Madeline McIntosh about the move.

Cheiffetz's New Imprint at S&S to be Called Signal Press

Julia Cheiffetz joined Atria Books last year to head a then-unnamed imprint. Since that time she has acquired a slate of new titles for the line, called Signal Press, that will address the current public debate around feminism, politics and social justice.

MWPA Saves Local Book Reviews with Boost from Stephen King

Backed by social media support from author and Maine resident Stephen King, a petition and lobbying effort by the Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance has successfully persuaded the 'Portland Press Herald' to reinstate its local book review coverage.

S&S Set to Debut Masters at Work Series

A new series helmed by Jonathan Karp will commission experienced journalists to cover different careers and report on how people made it to the top of their chosen profession.

Europa Launches Compass, a New Nonfiction Imprint

Europa Editions has launched Europa Compass, a new nonfiction imprint featuring titles on travel, contemporary culture, popular science, history, philosophy, and politics.

'Becoming' Remains 2018's Hottest Title

Michelle Obama's memoir sold more than 712,000 copies in the last full week before Christmas, according to NPD BookScan, and the book will finish as the top seller in 2018.

Reidy Touts 2018 as S&S's 'Most Successful Year'

In addition to a string of bestsellers, Simon & Schuster CEO Carolyn Reidy cited strong gains in digital audio and backlist sales as keys to the “most successful year in Simon & Schuster's history.”

Poisoned Pen Press Will Become Sourcebooks’ Mystery Imprint

Sourcebooks has acquired most of the assets of Poisoned Pen Press and said that the mystery publisher will become Sourcebooks' mystery imprint. In addition, most of the PP staff, including editor-in-chief Barbara Peters and founder Robert Rosenwold, will become Sourcebooks employees.

Bookkeeper Gets Two Year Sentence for Scheme that Destroyed Donadio & Olson

The former bookkeeper for Donadio & Olson, who stole more than $3.4 million from the New York literary agency, was sentenced to just two years in prison on December 17, despite the fact that his crime destroyed the agency and nearly bankrupted bestselling author Chuck Palahniuk.