Publishers Weekly

Harlequin Introduces Larger Mass Market Paperback

Harlequin is introducing a new size for its mass market paperbacks, the Mass Market Paperback Max. All Max titles will have a larger trim size than standard mass market and premium mass market formats, and will be priced at $9.99.

Left-Wing Indie Publishers Form Coalition

The Radical Publishers Alliance is an international group of left-wing independent publishers who have joined together with the goal of supporting each other during the coronavirus pandemic.

Petition Asking Poetry Foundation for Millions Gains Support

A petition has garnered nearly 1,500 signatures asking the Poetry Foundation to dip into its deep pockets to support poets and independent publishers who are struggling economically because of the pandemic.

CCNY’s Publishing Certificate Program Faces the Pandemic

Tthe Publishing Certificate Program at the City College of New York has recently found its graduates facing the same problem as everyone else in the book business: dwindling job prospects in an industry reeling from the impact of Covid-19.

Series Are the Alpha at Wolfpack Publishing

Wolfpack Publishing, a genre publisher with more than 90% of its business in digital book sales, is finding success with its direct-to-consumer focus during nationwide shelter-in-place orders—especially considering its emphasis on series.

Federal Appeals Court Declares Literacy a Constitutional Right

In a 2-1 ruling released on April 23, the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court held that basic literacy is “implicit in the concept of ordered liberty” and central to “the basic exercise of other fundamental rights,” including political participation.

Kensington to Introduce Larger Mass Market Format

This bigger mass market paperback will make “for a more comfortable reading experience," said Kensington CEO Steve Zacharius, who noted that, with sales of the traditional format in steady decline, he believes the larger size could revitalize the format.

Craft, DIY, and Activity Books Buoy Publishers During Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted all aspects of book publishing, from putting pressure on sales channels to changing the kinds of books consumers want. A number of independent publishers have pivoted to meet the demand for books in newly-popular categories and formats.

EDC Gets Paycheck Protection Loan

Educational Development Corporation announced it received a $1.44 million loan under the Paycheck Protection Program. The company has seen a drop in sales in its publishing division, although business in its direct-to-consumer group has increased.

Indie Publishers, Booksellers Waiting for CARES Act Relief

As small businesses around the country await funds from the landmark Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, indie publishers and booksellers are having mixed experiences trying to secure this financial lifeline.

Elena Ferrante’s Publishers Discuss Her New Novel

In the U.S., 'The Lying Life of Adults' won't be published until September 1, after a delay caused by Covid-19—but its publishers, here and worldwide, still have high hopes for the book.

What Book Orgs Are Doing to Help the Biz Through Covid-19

Trade associations and other organizations have stepped up to provide information and resources to help those in the book publishing industry navigate the crisis. Below is an overview of what a number of groups are doing.

Rallying Around #BooksAreEssential

Are books essential items? Many in the industry, including 'PW,' think that the role they play in the well-being of American culture makes it clear that they are. These industry figures agreed.

As the Pandemic Rages, Reedpop Looks Toward 2021

The coronavirus raised too many hurdles to make BookExpo viable this year, organizers say. Now the company is looking for ways to fill the void, and toward a new year.

Agents Weigh Whether to Submit Projects During the Pandemic

As a plunge in sales caused by the recent coronavirus outbreak forces publishers to tighten their purse strings, agents are struggling with a new wrinkle to one of their age-old dilemmas: when to submit their clients’ new manuscripts.