Publishers Weekly

What’s Left in Publishing These Days?

Diane Wachtell, executive director of prominent progressive publisher the New Press, reflects on how the press carved out a place for itself in publishing.

Publishing's Big Five Today (But Do Stay Tuned)

A steady flurry of mergers and acquisitions has dominated the book publishing sector since the 1990s, although for the moment, the next big M&A move—PRH purchasing S&S—is on pause.

The Years and Their Books: A Century of Bestsellers

Occasionally, bestselling books show a remarkable connection to current events. Here's a sampling of some of the most fascinating juxtapositions between title and time since ‘PW’ started tracking bestsellers.

Celebrating C&T Publishing’s 40th Anniversary

The preeminent publisher of quilting patterns and techniques reflects on nearly 40 successful years, adds titles in different genres, and looks to the future. (Sponsored)

From the Archive: April 17, 1943

In April 1943, Doubleday, Doran announced the publication of a book about the coming Allied invasion of Europe, set to be released that June 4—almost a year to the day before the actual invasion.

Authors and Booksellers Mobilize for Midterm Voters

Writers for Democratic Action, an organization of some 2,600 authors, is mobilizing its membership in a campaign called Book the Vote. WDA will facilitate nonpartisan voter registration for the 2022 midterm election, working with authors, bookstores, and libraries to educate voters about their home states’ voting procedures.

Random House, Sugar23 Partner to Launch Sugar23 Book Imprint

Random House has joined with Sugar23, a TV/film and content management and media production house, to launch Sugar23 Books, a co-branded publishing imprint that will develop and release titles in partnership with a variety of imprints at the Random House division.