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Another of my creations
Austin Kleon’s book “Show Your Work,” advocates for being an amateur. Trying something new that you’re not trained in is both exciting and invigorating. Especially if you’re not half bad at it. One thing that has always interested me is photography. My uncle, sister, and mother all ran minor photography companies, so I guess you could say it’s in my blood. I really love editing my own pictures and putting words with them, especially lyrics. It gets super cliche, I promise. But it's still fun for me to explore different styles of editing and playing around with something I took.

One of my favorites

Combining my love for words with my love for photography is a great outlet for expression. Since I never had access to big name editing programs, I usually used amateur ones like PicMonkey for my pictures. I’m not too advanced or skilled at it, but it makes me happy and helps me to relax. I was never trained in photography, but I am learning every day. You can find some other photo editing websites in this article by Digital Photography Review. Overall, I'm amateur at a lot of things, but I really love photography. I share a lot of it on social media usually, which goes along with Kleon's philosophy. I show my work mostly to get feedback and learn from others' comments. Photography is just a way for me to be, well... Me!

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I love your work! I also do

I love your work! I also do photography and I hardly ever see people effectively put text in their photos without it looking cheesy. Have you ever considered designing book covers? I know that in old movies, some people had the job of designing the opening credits. You present both sides of the nature-nurture argument; you say that it's in your blood but you also learn from others. I would love to collaborate with you sometime!

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Hi Larissa,

Hi Larissa,

Your work is really amazing! You definitely have a talent for photography. Although I don't know a whole lot about photography, I can totally relate to this post with playing piano. My dad's career consists of giving private guitar lessons and playing gigs on the side. He has played guitar since he was sixteen years old, so I grew up around the music industry. I too have picked up the guitar and even tried a little piano, however, I am by no means anywhere nearly as good of a musician as my dad is. I love playing music and listening to it, and I've been in garage bands and landed a few gigs. I am not a professional like he is though. Compared to him, I am an amateur. Its hard to get up and play an instrument in front of a bunch of people who are better than me, but they provide helpful tips and I learn a lot just by sharing my work.

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Hey Riss,

I've know you for over a year now and I never knew this about you! I think that photography is so cool and you are very good at it even though you say that you have never had any professional training. Like writing, I feel that photography is a creative outlet that one can use to be expressive.

The fact that you have never had training and you take/edit pictures because it makes you happy and makes you feel like yourself makes you an amateur photographer. This is a good thing because Austin Kelon says that amateurs have an advantage over the professional.

Keep doing photography and I can't wait to see more of your photos.

-Kate Thomas

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Hey Riss (Larissa not Marissa)

First off I have to say that you stole my nickname.
What the heck.

(Just kidding--sort of). I love your pictures, and well, for me I personally find it interesting that you call yourself an amateur at photography. Since photography is one of those things that nearly everyone tries to do at one point or another (if you own a camera of any sort)--I feel like it's interesting because everyone in one way or another is an "amateur" photographer.

I feel like you're really gutsy for sticking with this passion--since I've tried to understand photography more and I was actually really confused by it. SO PROPS. Shutter speed and that type of thing for some reason are way over my head.
I also agree with Kate's comment that you seem to more advantageous because you're teaching yourself something new, as opposed to someone who might consider themselves more "professional."

Keep up the great work!
I might need to hire you for something in the future.