Human Spam

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"When people realize they're being listened to, they tell you things." quote by Richard Ford

Austin Kleon believes human spammers are people who "don't want to pay their dues, they want their piece right here, right now. They don't want to listen to your ideas;they want to tell you theirs. They don't want to go to shows, but they thrust flyers at you on the sidewalk and scream at you to come to theirs."
To me, this makes me think of people who are full of themselves and very selfish. They to receive the best in life with minimal work, The world just doesn't seem to work that way most of the time.
Here is an example of a celebrity being a human spammer in my opinion. ( I still love her music though!)
Christina Aguilera
"Here’s word from TMZ:

Our theme park source tells us while ringing in her 34th b-day at Disney’s California Adventure, Christina and her crew tried to get a pic with Mickey, but he was going on a break … so Christina was told she had to wait. Cue meltdown!

Aguilera lost it, and called Mickey an “a**hole.” We’re told she even dropped the dreaded, “Do you know who I am?”

Xtina’s crew started hurling threats, we’re told … and Mickey had to be ushered to a safe zone — out of public view. Security was called, but by the time they arrived … the former Mouseketeer had already split"
Here is more examples of issues such as the on above. Click here to found out!
We need to stop human spam and work hard, listen, and be respectful to get where we need to go.


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I loved your post!!! I

I loved your post!!! I thought your example about Christina Aguilera for human spam was awesome. For that reason, I really enjoyed your post. Great job!

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Hey Kalila!

I really liked the pictures in your post!

I think they are great examples of human spam and really go along with the theme of what Kleon is getting at. I also like how you state that "We need to stop human spam and work hard, listen, and be respectful to get where we need to go." I definitely agree with this.

Great insight!