Too Stressed to be...anything other than stressed.

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Kawaski and Welch most likely describe chaper 13 as the hairiest chapter in the book because it is without a doubt the most stressful and complicated thing I have read in my life. I've said it once, or twice or a million times, but I do not like complex technology mostly because I don't really understand it. Just reading it gives me so much stress and anxiety that I feel like I can pass out.

Chapter 13 in Kawaskin and Wech's APE does, however, lay out a detailed set of instructions for converting from word to eBook formats and does a great job of explaining the different types of files from mobi to EPUB to PDF. I wish that I could read this chapter and suggest that it has nothing to do with publishing, but in actuality it is so relevant to the prospective writer or publisher. We live in a world where self publishing is possible and it is exploding while everything is going to a digital format at the same time. The need for a third party publisher or any sort of middle man is being cut out and APE provides all the tools you could need.

I love how APE breaks down the use of Adobe InDesign and clarifies that it is something that proves to be so useful for file conversions. Kawaski and Welch stress self publishing with maintained professionalism. Their book provides all you need to do it on your own.


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I totally understand that

I totally understand that panicky technology feeling! Even with the step by step instructions given by Kawaski and Welch I still feel like I would be following steps that I still didn't understand! I am super impressed by those who can interpret and comprehend such instructions!