I May Have Cheated

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Before I begin with my photos and explanations, I must say that I love this book. I am only slightly ashamed to admit that I judge books by their covers, so Chip Kidd’s explanation of book cover graphics is just a new tool of judgment for me. I also really wish that I had the skills to be a book cover designer, because how awesome would that be to tell people? I would be running wild through the streets, looking for people holding books with covers I had designed only to start a conversation that would eventually lead to me saying “Oh, what do I do? Well, I only just designed that book cover you’re holding, no big deal.” I would then walk away having not asked this person a single question like any good narcissist would.

I can't lie; I cheated with these pictures.

Guerilla Art Kit
I am reading The Guerilla Art Kit for another class I am taking, so technically the book was on campus. So often we overlook books as being a form of art. The Guerilla Art Kit reminded me that books are these unique things that have so much artistry in them. The art kit is a how-to on producing guerilla art, as the name suggests, but it’s also a piece of art itself, as are all books.

This poster wasn’t actually on campus; it would be weird if it were. I bought this poster at a sour beer brewery in Belgium. I’m almost positive the man who owned the place hated America. I don’t actually know what sour beer is, just that there is no sugar in it and it does not taste very good. However, despite the taste of the beer, the brewery had this really awesome logo. It doesn’t have much to do with books, but it is a really great design that I could see being on the cover of a book. I also would like to point out the connection between alcohol and books, because I just feel like a lot of authors were on some type of drug when they wrote their books.
Example: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

treadThis last photo is the cover of a magazine my roommate was reading. I really like the play on words and images that this cover uses. This cover also brings up some issues about sharing work online that Austin Kleon talks about in Show Your Work. The Internet is such an important space in today’s world for books and the sharing of information through books.