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I think that Kleon's idea of sharing something everyday is much more plausible now in the social media age. You can easily share things you're working on, or things you're feeling or experiencing to friends with a click of a button. Something I'd like to share that I'm particularly proud of that tells a story is my interactive PDF I had to make for my Visual Comm class. It was really interesting to only be able to use a few pictures to go along with my paper, and to embody the theories that I used through images was definitely challenging. I got a good great on the project and worked very hard on it so I was very pleased. Through the use of images, I was supposed to be able to tell a story without the reader needing the words. It was challenging for sure.

Two links I found that I thought related to Kleon's writing for this week are:

When thinking of pictures that tell a story, I saw this image and thought that it seemed to tell a story, but what story was up to the viewer's interpretation.
Girl In Woods

I also think that this image tells a story, and I thought that maybe it could be the same girl as the last photo which added to the story I made up in my head when I looked at the image.
girl on beach



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I remember the interactive

I remember the interactive PDF! I stayed up until 5 AM after the football game writing about why Fat Amy doesn't get slimmed down in Photoshop!

I agree, that project was interesting in a few ways. I don't think I'd ever been required to add images to a paper before and I could only do it if it couldn't be illustrated in my words. It was also interesting to see how a series of photos could tell a story as well.