Taking Down Stereotypes

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I love this book. Thompson is constantly taking the stereotypes about our generation and turning them upside down. People aren’t usually kind to our generation when it comes to our use of technology, but Thompson is giving us a break and showing us that all our tweeting and texting might not be the worst thing to happen to the world.

In “The New Literacies” Thompson talks about the importance of visual creations to people trying to get around government censorship in China. I told everyone about this idea. This is so smart and it makes me excited to just think about it. I have a love-hate relationship with technology. I hate that I have to update my software so frequently and that it never works the way I usually want it to, but I love twitter. This chapter makes me love technology even more though, because in spite of its faults it is a medium for change and expression for people who are oppressed by government. Technology is a beautiful thing and I think a lot of us forget that; I know I do.

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I really like this book too!

I really like this book too! When Thompson started talking about the new generation and the strong ties with technology I was ready to hear another person grumble vaguely about how different it was back in the good old days. Thompson was a delightful surprise.