The struggles after you write a book

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These chapters covered very difficult nuts and bolts information. As a writer I like to think that once I write something that will be the end of the hard stuff. Yet, these chapters very much pointed out that the hard stuff is just getting started. There is just so much to the publishing world that it seems impossible to publish anything all by yourself, but it is possible if you are willing to work hard at it.

Chapter 13 was definitely “the harriest” simply because of the multitude of steps and how easy it would be to mess up or miss something. I was getting overwhelmed very quickly while reading this chapter. It was especially difficult for me because I do not understand computers and computer programs very easily. I have also never used a digital reader and so I do not fully realize how important it is to format the work for that. These chapters definitely helped me understand it better though.



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I Agree

I definitely agree with you that Chapter 13 was the harriest because of all the steps--it definitely seems overwhelming to people who want to potentially self-publish. I was also overwhelmed because I felt like I didn't really understand what was happening in some of the steps, but it is helpful I agree, to recruit someone who does fully understand to help you.

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I completely agree

I agree, you would think that actually writing the book would be the most difficult step in the process, but Chapter 13 proved that's definitely not the case. It's definitely hard work but it seems like the outcome would be worth it. I don't understand computer programs either, I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to technology and I definitely think Chapters 8-13 really helped my understanding too.