The Actual Future of the Book.

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3D Printer
The chapter of New Literacies in Thompson’s 2003 book, Smarter than we Think is amazing. As I was reading, I couldn’t help but get excited for what is to come in our literary world. There are all kinds of different mediums now, different ways to connect with the world around us. We have more access to public publishing than ever before. You can self publish books, you can publish your thoughts through social media, send a thought instantaneously to another person, and even share pictures with the click of a button. Technology is changing at a rapid pace and we have to try to keep up. The idea of library’s now printing in 3D is both scary, and delightful. Scary-because we have no idea how to handle this concept. Delightful- because we have the power to make literature come alive. Literally. This form of printing allows for so many different people to experience literature. It also changes the future of writing dramatically. We've never had to worry about including work that is meant to be brought to life in our books before. Now we will have to change the way we write, read and teach.

augmented reality
Thompson’s writing seems almost futuristic to me, but really he is writing about the here and now. It's weird to think about the things like augmented books and 3D printing and realize that things like that are happening now. The future has arrived, but what does this mean for the future of the book though? With “literacy” not being limited to just reading or writing now, the future of the book looks better than ever to me. Some critics would disagree and say that the book is dying, but I think it's thriving. We are discovering new ways to incorporate technology into reading every day. This is allowing a generation of children raised on iPads and Apps to be interested in reading. Words are being paired with the best kind of creativity- art, videos, pictures, links to websites etc… This reminds me of the augmented reality books that are rising in popularity. The combination of books and videos to enhance the experience for the readers is made possible through the use of technology in these unique books. You are actually able to use an app on your phone to make pictures come to life or to link to a video on the page itself. The new literacies that Thompson writes about mean that publishing books will increasingly get harder, because you will not just need an expertise in writing now. You will need a slew of other skills to publish a book now! Overall, I’m really excited for what is to come for the book and see how technology is incorporated more and more into the book process.


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Marissa with an L

I definitely agree with you that in order to be successful in publishing now, you need to have a slew of skills--not just "expertise in writing."

This is probably definitely the best way to describe the English (WPS) major in a nutshell. My major is not just "English", but sometimes I feel like it's marketing, communications, graphic comm, philosophy, journalism, and literature ALL ROLLED INTO ONE NEAT LITTLE PACKAGE.

And blogging today is exactly those things: all of that media is the way you reach your audience today unfortunately. Because we are all so distracted easily that we need these things to entertain. Information is so much more than just word vomit. And I agree with you--it's pretty exciting that we can do much more than just that now.

Great ideas.

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Did you know that we have a

Did you know that we have a 3D printer n campus in Lee Hall. I learned of it this semester and I am so excited to put it to use, hopefully it will be a really cool thing to add to my portfolio and Behance website. I suggest you check it out too!

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When you were talking about

When you were talking about pairing words with other types of art, I thought about that night we were all in the Chronicle office where we had a piece of art that we were trying to find a poem to match well with it. Also, I am dying right now at Chelsea's comment! I had no idea! I need to check this out!