The Aesthetic of Clemson

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At freshman orientation, I fell in love with the view from Library Bridge. It looks straight onto the pond, which leads to the amphitheater, which leads to the green and the carillon bell. In art, it's a perfect example of a vanishing point and leading lines. I also love the drama that bright lights add to a dark scene. pond

When I was in my first week of freshman classes, I noticed someone walk into the silo outside of Barre Hall and just stand there looking out from it. I ran away because that's creepy. I later found out that this silo is actually a work of art; it's supposed to blend in enough to not seem weird, but stand out enough for people to look twice at it because, well, it's a random silo in the middle of campus. On the floor is the call number for the Secret Book, and when you're reading it, you're facing the library. You then have to give the call number to the librarian because people don't always put the book back. The book has illustrations of the design of the silo and the plants in the area surrounding it, as well as countless signatures from students. There's no secret meaning, it's just two connected pieces of art. Sorry if you wanted to find the secret out on your own. You won't. You have to know certain clues in order to figure it out. This is the only picture of the call number that I have and it was taken on my old phone, so apparently the file is really small. silo

One thing I love about Clemson is the random orange paw prints on the road and other surfaces. They appear pretty far off campus as well; I know I saw some yesterday on the way back from Anderson. It really unifies the surrounding community since Clemson is what brings many of the people of these small towns together. The one in this picture is at the rowing center. dock



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I also really love the way

I also really love the way the Library bridge looks out over the prettiest parts of the campus. It really is an artful and inspiring place. I will often just sit on the brick wall around the reflection pool and write. It is a peaceful and artful place to be. I also love the paw prints all over and around campus. I live a far way out, and even out there they have paw prints leading to Clemson. It reminds me of my school and gives me a sense of school pride. Great job!

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Thank you Theresa! The view

Thank you Theresa! The view from Library Bridge really caught my eye during orientation and reminded me of a Princeton Review list of the most beautiful campuses. I live near University of Virginia and you only really see their logo on the street near the campus. I see paw prints in Pendleton!

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Hey Christine!

Thank you for the reminder of how beautiful our campus is! After four years I'm still in awe of Clemson. The paw prints are such a nice welcome home when you've been gone for while. That's too cool about the silo, I had no idea! I'll have to go check it out before I graduate. Loved your post, thanks for sharing!