Am I the Only One Confused by All This?

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These chapters confused me. Was I the only one? There is just so much going on and there are so many options; I'm bad with options. I'm also really indecisive, too many options and my head combusts. If I were self-publishing a book I would need somebody else to tell me which route to take because there are just too many for me to decide. I'm also terrible with computers, so the computer lingo used also confused me. If you can't tell, I'm confused. In the meantime, my InDesign is still loading...

Adobe Loading

I one hundred percent understand why they describe chapter 13 as "the hairiest chapter in APE." As I mentioned earlier, I am not very good with technology; this blog post is a struggle for me. This chapter is very technical and pretty dry. I must admit, however, that the chapter has been relatively helpful with converting my book into new forms. I am still struggling, but at least I have a reference to look back on. For now, I progress with InDesign and some advice from a self-published author.




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You are not at all the only

You are not at all the only one that is confused! Just seeing the InDesign emblem brings tears to my eyes. I understand exactly how you feel and I'm glad to know that I am not the only one!