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How does writing (and/or designing) for a public audience affect what you say, how you think about your work and what difference it might make?
When writing sad
for an audience, you tend to write leaning towards what you think your audience wants to read, The difference it makes it that you may write very differently according to who you are writing for. For example, I would write a very different short story for my brother versus writing for my English Professor. The type of words used would be different, the length and depth would all be very different. Writing for an audience s
also deeply affects how you view your own work. If you get extremely good reviews, you would be very happy with your work. however if you get bad reviews you will view your work badly as well. you may even get rid of it all together when it could have been good but needed work.
A good thing about writing for an audience however, depending on what you are writing for an audience, it provides a lot of good, free feedback to your work. This is good because it gives you a way to make your writing the best that it can be before presenting the final to the audience. There are many different avenues to critique your writing with an audience such as online. So the audience provides many helpful things to your writing.


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Thanks for the links! I didn

Thanks for the links! I didn't realize there are websites for writing critique. And good point about writing towards what the audience wants to read. Knowing what that is and fulfilling their desire is key in maintaining interest and garnering continued readership.

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Definitely! Your writing will often change to provide what you think your audience wants to read! It's important to stay true to your own style and try to produce something that would make everyone happy :)

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I completely agree, I think you always adapt your writing style to your audience to make sure that they can understand it and enjoy it. It can be scary writing for an audience and putting your work out there because you never know how it's going to be received. I guess it's just a risk you have to take. Thanks for the helpful links, too!