Audience and Technology

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If I could tell you how many times I've heard that the first step to getting your point across to someone is in anticipating your audience, I'd be a whole lot better at math than I thought I was. The thing is though, especially today, this is really, really important.

Today, as I'm sure Mr. Kawasaki, Mr. Kleon, and Mr. Thompson have made us understand, there is a whole lot more going on when it comes to finding the audience we are looking for. The idea that a chapter on converting file types would make it into a book on self-publishing would have been laughable 20 years ago, and yet so too is the thought that you could reach an audience with little more than a computer and some time on your hands.


The fact is that while things are getting, "harrier," at least in the technical aspects of self-publishing, that's really just a sign that it's becoming easier and easier for for those who create to reach those who want to appreciate work. Certainly fine by me!