Basement Graphics

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I love design. We are more and more a visual people, and so it follows that we are drawn to that which is aesthetically pleasing. No rocket science here.

I found the following images in the Freeman Hall basement, where the printmaking and photography studio are located.


This first image is a poster displaying the various events going on within the Clemson art department. I love the grid structure and how it contains little bits of beautiful chaos in each cell. The juxtaposition of order and disorder come together beautifully here.

These two pieces are pamphlets for various art shows that the AAH department hosted this past year. I particularly like the design for the show entitled "Under Southern Skies." I like how the typography possesses a sort of world within it, perhaps a nod towards the artist Suzanne Bellamy's work.


These last two images are woodcut prints hung on the wall in the printmaking studio. I really like how woodcuts look, and I think the composition of these prints is very engaging. I'm unsure of the artist's original intent, but it seems to be some kind of commentary on the connectedness of various forms of life.

In summary- if you're looking for intriguing graphics, the Freeman basement is the place to be.



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Ooooh Emily G.!

Hey Em,

I don't know if this is true, but I feel like the flyers and posters in the art buildings (specifically Lee) are just BETTER. So I'm glad you shared them. We seriously need to start recruiting design majors more over in Daniel (since I've seen a lot of bad design there). I love the woodcut prints in the printmaking studio. They are very interesting and are very unique (maybe because I know how much time goes into printmaking).

Great selections!