Be yourself. Unless you can be Kanye...Then be Kanye. Or maybe a slug.

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Tell your stories. That's what I got most out of the latest readings from Austin Kleon's book. Not only do you nee to get good at showing your work, but also expressing yourself and talking about who you are. Kleon suggests that you should be confident when talking about yourself at a party or describing what it is you do. My favorite part from this selection is probably the use of a Kanye West quote, because nobody has self love like Kanye West. The deepest love that can be achieved is one where someone loves you like Kanye loves Kanye.

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Generally, I have an issue sharing stories because I always think..."Who the $%&@ cares?" It is only recently that I have grown to level of self comfort and attained an amount of self love where I can tell myself, "I care," and that is enough for me. Work doesn't speak for itself, as Kleon says and so it is not only important to share your work but also share the story behind it. In my spare time, I write poetry..which I still haven't gotten the courage to share with anybody else but much of my poetry is very dark. I have shared my work once, with a girl that I have grown very close with and I found that sharing my work prompted me to share my story. I had not realized before the cathartic sensation you can receive from sharing your story, so I decided to keep doing it- on a larger level. I wrote a piece for The Tiger, Clemson University's paper and shared my story. I talked about things you would have to practically drag out of me in person and it felt great. The George Orwell quote from the selection, "Autobiography is only to be trusted when it reveals something disgraceful," resonated with me deeply. Telling stories is about making yourself vulnerable and breaking out of your shell.

Be a slug.

Work doesn't speak for itself. You have to speak for it. Tell a story. Tell the truth. Brand yourself. Be yourself. Love yourself and remember that at the end of the night, its just you