Blogging: the New Literacy

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" tools have created a renaissance in the written word."

Clive Thompson starts off chapter three by talking about Ory Okolloh and her blog. This got me thinking about how the new literacy relates to blogging even though this wasn't in the New Literacies chapter. Before computers and the internet, everything was read in print. This is not the case anymore, not by a long shot. With the technological revolution that came with the internet, blogging was created. Blogging is done solely on the web which makes it a new literacy. Most of us have blogs that we read daily or weekly. some of us even have blogs! Here is a link to my Clemson sponsored blog. Check it out!

This blog that I follow has become a full time job for its blogger, Carly! How cool is that?

I also thought that it was so cool how Clive Thompson brought it back to the basics to print publishing when he told the story of Ory Okolloh being given all of her blog posts on paper and it was huge and looked like a book...FULL CIRCLE. This, I can relate to. I have this huge stack of papers in my room that keeps accumulating from my years here at Clemson.papers
(Also, print will never die) (Well, I like to think that it won't)



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So true!

Hey Kate! This is a great connection to your own personal life. it's crazy to think that blogging is now like... a full time job for some people. I really enjoyed reading your blog and also reading about Ory Okolloh and her blogging adventures. If we compile all of our online writings I bet it would be as tall as that stack of papers in your picture/room!
Good connections
Larissa Barkley

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Hey Kate,

Hey Kate,
This post was really cool. I too support what Clive Thompson said in Chapter 3 of Smarter Than You Think. The way of written language is drastically changing to become more digital, forcing people in the middle of this transformation to adapt to it, especially people who want to be in the publishing field for a career. I also wanted to say that I follow your blog entires when you post them on Facebook. I find them really interesting!

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Loved your post!

I read Carly too! I think it's so awesome how she was able to turn a passion into her career! And imagine all the free stuff she gets...if only we could all be so lucky. It's crazy to think that your daily thoughts and notions could add up to a stack as big as a book. I've always wanted to start a blog, I just didn't think anyone would actually want to read what I have to say. Maybe I'll give it a shot!