A Brighter Future

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One thing I really liked from chapter 3 of Smarter Than You Think was the idea of a "theory of multiples", that big ideas are often discovered by multiple people at the same time. I fully agree with the concept that our big ideas often stem from our environment or the state of the world around us, because humanity doesn't thrive from thinking in a "sealed-off, Rodin's Thinker fashion". (59) We thrive from working together, clearly seen in the story of "Ushahidi", Ory Okolloh's brilliant thinking made a reality by a couple of colleagues who shared the same passion for altruism, for making the world a better place. Refusing to collaborate with others on an idea because you want the credit for yourself can prolong discovery and progress, while working together for the better good could lead to something amazing.


This type of connected thinking is precisely why if I'm feeling stuck before I post a blog for our class, I'll often read the blogs of others hoping that I'll stumble upon an idea or a snippet that triggers a thought in my head of what to write about. It almost always works.

In chapter 4 of Thompson's book, "New Literacies", he gives countless examples of the ways in which technology and enhanced methods of data analysis have contributed to some seriously awesome pieces of work. From analyzing a politician's platform through the use of Wordle, to predicting the outcome of Breaking Bad, new literacy has far surpassed just the ability to read and write, it's created a new realm of learning experiences that have the potential to create a better (and more entertaining) future.

The Future

Personally, I never thought that I would be blogging in class for a grade or that my little sister's high school would be given iPads as part of their curriculum. Taking advantage of the new technology and possibilities we have in this era will open up a world of possibilities (like this 3D sword). It makes me excited for what's to come.


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I love these chapters. I

I love these chapters. I just love the way Thompson makes technology exciting again. I think in today's society we are always being scorned at for using technology so often, but Thompson is like "whatever, technology is awesome use it." I may have paraphrased.