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Cooper Library

I took this photo a little over a year ago when I was walking into work one morning. Cooper Library is one of my favorite buildings on campus. I guess the Library is a pretty obvious choice for this blog topic because it contains thousands of books, but I also selected it because the building itself has strong structural design elements that are very reminiscent of the time in which it was built, but are also sort of timeless because of its importance on Clemson’s campus. It is an iconic structure for Clemson, and to me, books are similar because their designs are often testaments to the time period during which they were published, but they also have the ability to become iconic for generations to come.


This photo was taken in the Taps yearbook office in on the 3rd floor of Hendrix. I was the yearbook editor while an undergrad student at Clemson, and in the editor’s office we have a wall covered in old yearbook covers, which is what this is a photo of. I love the collage effect of this design, but also the ways that each cover is unique and can stand alone as a beautifully designed piece of history and art. Yearbooks are really special to me, and I think even though we have Facebook and other digital means of capturing the past, printed books like these will always be special.


Many of you have probably seen these light-post banners on your drive into campus (sorry for the bad quality; I took this early in the morning). Clemson Forever is the “brand” for the University’s current capital campaign (actual logo included below), which has a goal of raising $1 billion for Clemson by the end of June 2016. Since I currently work in Development (aka fundraising) this brand is very important to the work my team does in trying to raise funds for Clemson students, faculty, staff, and programs. I really like the design of this logo; it has very obvious nods to Clemson with the use of orange and purple, but it’s also unique and shows the ongoing cycle of giving at our University. In the same way that we want to ensure the future of Clemson “forever,” we are studying the future of the book in order to not only discover what ways the art form may change as time goes on, but also because we respect the institution of the book and want to ensure that its future is secure.

Clemson forever


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I really like how you

I really like how you mentioned the yearbooks. I didn't know that existed, but it's cool how you incorporated the art of a book into the art of campus. I found the section of the library where they have all the yearbooks. That was pretty cool.

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Hey Amber!

These pictures are really cool, and I like how you took a different approach to things that also personally appeal to me in terms of design. I also agree that covers (especially those for yearbooks) are meant to symbolize the entire work as a whole, and it's very important to take a lot of time when figuring out what that representation is supposed to look like.

As for Cooper, I agree the building has a certain uniqueness to it (it's not orange--more remarkably) and it is very open and spacious. The giant windows specifically are what draw me to look at it, and they showcase--well, books. And who doesn't love that?

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Hey Amber,

Hey Amber,

I thought the yearbook cover wall was so cool! I didn't even know that was in cooper. My personal favorite art prints in the library are the black and white photos of Clemson in the staircase. The best one is the one where students are skating on a frozen over reflection pond. Such a cool photo and testament of time.