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When creating this blog and looking through everybody else's work, I realized just how unimaginative I am and the amount of creativity I lack. I realized that when I think design, I think specifically of something printed off and plastered on a board somewhere, but fail to realize that everything is, in fact, designed. That aside, I found some really interesting posters on campus that go along greatly with Chip Kidd's Go (which is a crazy interesting book and makes me consider changing my major).

The Eileen Myles poster on campus not only utilizes vertical lines and repetition, but it's the different colors that really draw me in. It is reminiscent of Andy Warhol Pop Art in a more subdued way. The picture really draws me in but unfortunately it makes me pay no attention to the words. I have seen this poster a million times on campus and one of my friends told me "Hey! Eileen Myles is coming to speak on campus," and I literally had no clue what she was talking about. Had she said, "Hey! You know the poster...with the face? And then the face? And then the other face? Well, that face is a person and she is an author/poet that is coming to speak on campus," then I would have known exactly what she was talking about.

To explain why the next picture drew my attention, I have to put on my big kid hat and be very careful about how I say what I'm going to say...
But frankly, the word "Vagina" grabbed my attention:
1. Because it is not a word you see often unless you are in an anatomy class
2. Because it is not a word you see often unless you are in an anatomy class
3. Because it is a word we have sort of been conditioned not to say... It's very hush hush
4. Because it is not a word you see often unless you are in an anatomy class
5. Because I like odd numbers and couldn't stop at four.. I also like multiples of five, so I couldn't stop at three

Now that I've come back from that tangent and revealed my slightly OCD tendencies... I loved the use of color and vertical lines. Pink and red go perfectly with the text because they are "girl colors" (I cringe at suggesting there is such a thing) and because pink and red and anatomy and vaginas and that's all I'm going to say. I love the use of negative space in the outlines of the women. It is as if it represents every woman, not just a few specific individuals. The wide vertical lines make me think of a jail cell where the bars have been spread apart, freeing everybody (maybe I'm reaching...) Everything just works. That's why this poster is probably my absolute favorite.

And the third image, well I had to have a third image and I really like the sketch and the use of warm colors draws me in. It makes me want to have a warm vanilla latte and sit on my couch under a blanket and watch Netflix... I mean, read The Chronicle.

Gossip Girl

(If you haven't seen Gossip Girl, go watch it! I promise it isn't as pretentious as it seems!)


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Hi Remy!

I totally agree with the "Vagina Monologues" argument you made here. The word is very hushed, and I like how that it is the central focus of the design. The shadows of the girls are very prominent as well, but the title is what draws your attention. I like the Eileen Myles poster too since I like the colored faces as well. But I'm not a fan of the font because I don't think it goes well with the theme here.

The Chronicle, also as well, never fails to impress.
Nice selections!

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Great post Remy!

Your post was really funny! I'm the same way, I think design and I think something that a graphic designer specifically intended to be a design. Other people are just more imaginative I guess. I don't think I would have stopped to read the text on the first poster, it doesn't exactly grab your attention like seeing the word "vagina" written in bold black letters. The last poster of "The Chronicle" is really detailed and I like how the black and white sketch contrasts the color blocks. Good choices for this post! (Gossip Girl rox, btw)