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Hey Everybody!

I'm Remy Barnwell, a 20 year old English major at Clemson. Much like anybody else in the world, I dream not so much of fame....but of recognition. I want nothing more than to write and have my works be read. One of my favorite things to say to myself each morning is "What would you do if you weren't afraid?" Before reading the first two sections of Show Your Work I completely subscribed to the 'Lone Genius' myth. I have often been afraid of collaboration because I felt like that would lessen 'my great break' whenever that came. I've been stepping out of my box and I recently started writing for The Tiger, I also started a film blog last summer which I have been reluctant to share. I have only made one post thus far, but for the new year I am vowing to myself to post more. I could die tomorrow, so this first section in Kleon's book showed me how important it really is to show your work. Not only am I going to continue to write, but I am going to continue to share.


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Hey Remy! I really connect

Hey Remy! I really connect with the idea you bring up about how it can be hard to collaborate. I've come across that fear myself and I've seen it frequently in others. When it comes to the creative process I think it can be really easy to hoard ideas. It feels like you might lose an original concept from something you've written, drawn, etc. Like you said about collaboration lessening your "great break", everything that you share might've been in your first best-seller book or a ground-breaking new article.

Kleon makes a great point about the growth that can come from sharing work. He talks about the following and support that comes with putting original content out for the public. Finding other people who enjoy and contribute to your interests creates a support system that encourages the continuation of the creative process.