The Facebook Narcissist

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I think it was one of my friends who once told me that they no longer used Facebook because it was for narcissists, and I think sometimes I definitely agree with this mentality.


Austin Kleon says that "They don't want to listen to your ideas; they want to tell you theirs...At some point, they didn't get the memo that the world owes none of us anything" (124). I think what Kleon means by this is that technology, especially social media in particular, is sometimes overused.

What do I mean by this? Well it's obvious. While we all have our own Facebook profiles, our own Twitter pages, and our own boards on Pinterest, sometimes we forget that while we are creating our own personal brand online and promoting our work to our friends and complete strangers, we are also letting people know what we think of ourselves (which is ultimately very highly if we have enough guts to post our own personal work online). And I guess if you do too much of this, you become kind of like an infomercial in my opinion. You are HUMAN SPAM--constantly spamming other people and reminding them of how great you are and how great your work is.

This is okay--to share your work with friends. But sometimes if this is done in excess, people consider you somewhat of a narcissist. And I think what my friend means by this is if you are constantly bragging about your successes (and including gorgeous selfies of yourself on Facebook), people will think that your head is a little too large in your profile pic. And for a lot of people on Facebook, this happens a lot since it IS a place where you can easily do that without thinking twice about it.

I'm not going to find personal examples of this from social media sites (as not to name any specific people I know), but I have noticed a trend in people bragging about their GPAs online, or including links to their blogs (repeatedly) or promoting their projects they made on Twitter and instagram.

In my opinion, if you really want to do that, there are sites for that kind of thing (like Behance and Pinterest)--but dropping a status every now and then about your work is absolutely fine. Every day? Well that's a different story.

Kleon reminds us to be wary of these people, and not become the Facebook Narcissist. The person everyone secretly loves to hate.



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I love the second image you

I love the second image you chose to use. I think it really gets the point across about how superficial social media can be. While it is important for people to put effort into how they portray themselves on web portals it is also important to realize that no amount of tweets or pictures will ever sum up a person!