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Clive Thompson’s musings on ambient awareness reminded me of a point a professor of mine made concerning the cyborg manifesto. She claimed that we, today in modern times, have already become cyborgs. We carry around mini computers that link us to impossible amounts of information, not just about the world around us but to other living breathing human beings and their thoughts. Our awareness of the world has grown exponentially and turned us into creatures that have typically been considered as monstrous.


Thompson also touches on how uncomfortable opinion can be towards this awareness. He raises the question others had at how such inane Internet “mutterings” could possibly matter. As Thompson explains “each tweet [is] so brief as to be virtually meaningless” (209).


But he also explains how this brevity doesn’t equate to meaninglessness. Just like the words “I love you” or “do you want the last piece of pizza?” aren’t meaningless. This popular opinion is nothing more than blind complaints against the new cyborg lifestyle. A lifestyle that will create closer relationships and a heightened awareness of many aspects of the world we live in.


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This was a very cool post. I

This was a very cool post. I love how you made Clive Thompson's chapter seem almost Sci-Fi ish. What's scary about this is that I could see us already being cyborgs too! I think your example of twitter was perfect for this topic.