The good, the bad... The creative?

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Reading Chip Kidd's book "Go" was both incredibly frightening and wonderfully delighting. Honestly, it was the most interesting book (design wise) that I've ever picked up. The design was incredibly intentional throughout the entire book, and that's what made it special.
Jumbo screen
The first picture I took is of something we have all seen, I’m sure. It’s the giant screen that greets us when we walk into Cooper library. What I like about this design is that it is clean, organized, and informative. From the flashing pictures to the scrolling Tweets, this is one big designed screen!

The second picture I took was of this incredible poster for an author coming to Clemson. I found this effective because (as we learned in Kidd’s book) creativity is everything. Saying a little, boldly can be much better than saying a lot, quietly. The same image being repeated in different coloration is classy and attention-grabbing, as is the unique right-hand alignment of the text.

The last picture I took was an example of what I think Bad design is. This was the only picture I couldn’t directly connect to books, also. This is an advertisement for TigerRoar auditions and it lacks a certain… roar. The black and white is economic, but there are ways they could have made it work. The pencil effect I think they were going for doesn’t work with no color because nothing really stands out. I also had to take a few extra seconds to read TigerRoar because the paw wasn’t pronounced enough.

Overall, Clemson has some classy and creative people, that’s for sure!


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Nice job, Larissa. The topic

Nice job, Larissa. The topic of your post is one that is often overlooked but shouldn't be. The cover of a book is much like the front of a house, in that even if the inside of the house is wonderful, filled with fine furniture, big rooms and appealing decoration, a person may become wary of entering if its outer appearance is shabby. Although, like a house, the inside of a book is most important, the design of the cover must be carefully plotted and arranged so as to not hinder a person from going inside.

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Nice post, Riss. I agree with

Nice post, Riss. I agree with you about both of those advertisements. I like the Elieen Miles poster. I like that it is kind of different on the left so then chooses to go basic on the right! I also love the color in that. I don't even know about that second one or what the background is supposed to be either!

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I really like your post,

I really like your post, Larissa and I agree that both the advertisements are really well done. They're fairly simple so it's not overwhelming or distracting to viewers and communicates clearly what the message is.