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I'll admit I'm definitely a person who will spend a good bit of time in Daniel reading all of the various flyers and posters on the bulletin boards. And so, for me, this assignment really hits home--in a good way. As an intern in the Pearce Center for Professional Communication sometimes I'm the one actually creating them, and so it's important to kind of notice what works and well...what doesn't.

I'm definitely a design fan (I've been pinning cover art and spreadsheets on Pinterest for a good year now) and I like Chip Kidd's book so far. He seems to know what he's doing at least.

But here is what I've noticed in Daniel recently. Keep in mind that these might not totally relevant to the idea of books, but I believe good design is universal. Some people think that book design is different than magazine design--and it is--in some areas. But there is a certain appeal for some fonts over others, and I think there are definitely parallels between both.

I have never personally designed a book cover, but I imagine it's just as fun as any other publication.

Here they are:




I love the whimsical nature of all three of these--specifically the graphics for the "Pendulum"--looks like a cool new magazine right? They all use utilize white space well, and the semester in Montana one has a nice hipster feel to it. I like the handwritten font (although sometime this doesn't too well), and I also like the slightly opaque color blocks over the images. It's a cool combination of text and images. The fonts on the service fraternity one are nice too, and each of these has a very definitive color scheme.

At the same time though, these all look neat in their design. Nothing looks chaotic, and even though the entire page is filled up in each, it's not overwhelming for any viewers.

Overall these are really great!
Would love to see more of these around!


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I'm in Alpha Phi Omega and I

I'm in Alpha Phi Omega and I'm glad you noticed our flyer. Blue and gold are our colors, so we like to stick with those. It's minimalist to the point where the negative space acts as an object (the clouds). I had actually never seen that specific flyer, so I'm glad you brought it up!

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Hey Marissa,

Hey Marissa,
I actually saw that last poster in the hallway the other day and was drawn to it because it was whimsical and just looked like it would be about something I would be interested in. I was really sad when I saw it was for field research and not for some cool english major thing.

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Hey Marissa,

Hey Marissa,

This week we had pretty much the same blog post. I find that pretty hilarious, check out the posters of Daniel that I chose they are very similar. I have loved working on book covers in the past and I am very excited to see them come to life.