I Guess Group Work Isn't So Bad After All

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After reading the Chapter "Ambient Awareness" in Clive Thompson's Smarter Than You Think, I was honestly surprised that there was a chapter like this in the book. Thompson's book, in my opinion, covers a lot of ground and I wasn't really expecting to read anything about group work. The quote that appears: "Ambient awareness also endows us with new, sometimes startling abilities. When groups of people "think aloud" in this lightweight fashion, they can perform astonishing acts of collaborative cognition" (Thompson 212-3). I honestly am a big believer in group collaboration, but at the same time sometimes I am hesitant to share my ideas with others especially in the form of social media networking. Technology has made it easier for people to talk about their ideas with a large audience and this is something that Thompson's other chapter "Digital School" focuses on too. In one of my classes at Clemson, we are required to post things on a Facebook group about random things we find that are relevant to our class discussions, and I think this is a great example of ambient awareness. I have never really been required to use Facebook for school before, but it has surprisingly been very helpful. I like hearing what my peers think and a lot of what they sometimes inspires me to research something new, or get a new approach on a foreign topic. I think overall this chapter really pinned down what the central significance with this is.




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Hey Marissa,

Hey Marissa,
I am so in love with group work, in certain situations. I find that I really like working in groups in my English classes, but I hate it in any other class. I think it probably has something to do with me knowing that the people in my English classes have similar mindsets as I do. I also have to post in Facebook for a class as you know, because it's the same class you have to post for. I always think that our post provide for some interesting discussions while in the classroom. I think that also ties in to what Thompson was talking about with the Khan Academy and taking some of the work out of the class so the class time is more productive.