That Makes Me Want to Live in Cooper

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First off, I love this book and I love Chip Kidd! He seems like such a cool guy and the book is such a fun one to flip through. Kidd presents the material in such a fun and colorful way that while I am reading it, I don't feel like I am avidly learning but I am.

Here are the three photos I took from around campus:

I like this poster for the Eileen Myles reading. I love the repetition of the face in different colors. Since the left side is colorful and busy the left is minimal and lets everyone know the vital information.


The second picture that I took of a poster that I saw around campus was the Big Ears poster. What drew me originally to this poster was the color. I am big on color and it looks good against the black background. However, the more that I looked at it the more I disliked it. It is good, though, that it drew me in because isn't that an advertisements job?


The last one is my absolute favorite. This advertisement is on one of the big screens to the right when you walk in to Cooper Library. I think that the light is beautiful and I love the books. When I see this image, I immediately think, "that's where I want to be." Isn't it so cool, y'all? It makes me want to live in Cooper (I mean, I do already but you know, this makes it better.)




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great post! I really like how you brought in advertisements to this post because I'm going to work in advertising so it was very interesting to me!

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I like your discussions about

I like your discussions about the pictures. I took a similar picture of the shelves in Cooper. That picture could be taken in so many different parts of that huge library, so there's sort of a mystery to where it is, and where you could find a picture like that. Libraries are so cool!

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I love the pictures you chose

I love the pictures you chose to highlight design! I really like how the strong lines on your first and last photo really capture attention. The vertical columns draw you in and make you focus on the whole.

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I also really love this book,

I also really love this book, it's so fun! I simultaneously love and hate the library photo. It's really pretty and everything, but it reminds me of sitting on the floor of Cooper studying for Chemistry, which I did not like very much.