Natural Selection

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Publishing a book seems to be a complicated process through the traditional routes and much more so when it comes to self-publishing. Once fully understood though, it is probably very simple. It’s the jargon and technicalities that can be deterring. It is this exploration of the technical that makes chapter 13 of APE the “hairiest chapter in the book”. Self-publishing sounds like one of those sink or swim situations where they throw you in the water and you have to learn as you go along, which is a very effective teaching strategy for those who don’t end up drowning.


Luckily, in this case nobody’s life is on the line, only their hopes and dreams of becoming an author. With this peace of mind it becomes clear that the process of publishing is a logical, albeit complicated, series of steps and APE is there to lead the way.

Just because authors have, essentially a guidebook to self-publishing through APE doesn’t mean that they will fully understand what’s going on. It’s hard to fully grasp the concept of encryption and hyperlinks after one chapter. While a fantastic resource, APE is still a part of the self-publishing process and the factor of self makes everything difficult for authors who don't have a background knowledge on publishing. Of course,while it is possible to be successful at self-publishing, it is a process that takes work and research. But maybe it's not a bad thing that there are some hoops people have to jump through before publishing their books. It could just be a blessing in disguise keeping poorly written books off of our electronic bookshelves.