New Literacies

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In his chapter entitled "New Literacies" Clive Thompson talks about the evolution of different forms of media over the years. What I found most interesting was his idea of the "post it note phase."

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(Note here, ironically, I have been taking notes on this chapter on virtual sticky notes on my Mac...)

Thompson descrives the "post it note phase" as the transforming moment when a tool goes from being one used to communicate with others to talking to yourself. The sticky note, for example: the expensive paper once used centuries ago for largely formal purposes such as the chronicling of history, has evolved in part into tiny neon squares that cost $5.85 for a pack of 8 stacks. They litter our bulletin boards and mirrors, and we easily throw them away without calculating their individual cost.

Paper here is no longer just about communicating with others; it's how we communicate with ourselves.

Thompson's suggestion that video games may perhaps be the same way one day was a very provocative thought to me, but yet his argument leads me to believe that he's probably right.
What if one day we create short little games for ourselves to remind ourselves of our to-do lists rather than "jotting it down"? What if post-its become a thing of the past?


I think we'll find out soon.



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I love post-it notes. It's

I love post-it notes. It's so weird, because the only time I ever used post-it notes to communicate with someone else I got yelled at for doing it. I only use post-it notes for myself. When I'm writing a paper my book is littered with them, usually they make no sense to everybody but me.