Not As Easy As It Seems...

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The reading pretty much describes writing a book as the easy part, publishing the book as the real challenge. There is so much more that goes into getting the book out to the audience than people think. In the "harriest chapter" of APE, the list of steps for publishing a book is extremely overwhelming- especially to someone who wants to publish a book. As a writer, I would like to think that the book process is all creativity and putting your thoughts onto paper, but all of the technology involved is enough to frustrate anyone. This being said, I think my advice (even though I have never published a book) is to be patient and know that you took all the time to write your book and create a story that it will be worth the time to do the technical stuff to get your idea out to the world. I have attached two links about advice for writers who are trying to publish books as well as the covers to two of my favorite books.

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Hey Kate!

I'm definitely not a Nicholas Sparks fan, but I do agree with you here on the fact that you need to be patient when it comes to self-publishing. I too am overwhelmed even though sometimes I do know what I'm doing and your advice is really great for someone who is new to this!

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Your link were super helpful!

Your link were super helpful! The publication process is definitely the most daunting thing about making a book. Especially to English Majors like us who would probably prefer to write than deal with all the formatting that is required.
Good work!

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I think you're definitely

I think you're definitely right about not rushing the writing of a book in lieu of the time-consuming, extended list of steps for accomplishing self-publishing that looms after completion of the work. After all, it is said that "trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit."