Only 10 Percent?

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Well, this is dismal. As someone who is thinking about going into the publishing industry, chapter 2 is frightening and dreary. I am now more scared than I think I ever have been. Kawasaki and Welch seem to have both had terrible experiences with traditional publishing companies and have really harnessed that anger here in chapter 2. I did get a laugh through this BuzzFeed article though.

Even though these chapters made me think working in the publishing industry must be this terrible scary think, they also made me hopeful for print publishing. I am a die-hard supporter of the physical book. I have a kindle, every once in a while I will use my kindle, but I do not necessarily like my kindle. I like feeling how far I am into a book and being able to easily flip back and forth through the pages. If that makes me a book snob, then so be it. I was excited to see that the percent of books sold as e-books was a lot lower than I, and apparently most people, believe it is. Naomi Baron talks about the pros and cons of e-readers and print books in her article "The Case Against E-Readers" I have told so many people that only 10 percent of books are sold as e-books it is a little ridiculous. It is my number one fact right now.

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