Self-Publishing is so Hairy Nowadays

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The "harriest chapter in the book," or Chapter 13 of Kawasaki and Welch's APE, actually did seem pretty hairy (harry?) to me.

And I had to look up exactly what "hairy" meant here. And it wasn't an abundance of hair.
It apparently means "alarming and difficult."

This makes sense! I mean self-publishing, like we've repeatedly been told is in many ways a GREAT thing. But it is particularly quite hairy because there are so many ways to do it--and deciding which one to use is especially alarming and sometimes difficult for beginners in the world of self-publishing.

I know for me personally, I've heard of publishing through Amazon Kindle and the like mentioned in Chapter 12, but I had no clue what Atlas was. I think the variety of ways to publish can be perplexing at times and it definitely can lead to people just using old methods of publishing because it is simply too hairy for them.

I think the main concern people have about self-publishing is that they think that publishing through all of these platforms is time consuming, but what they don't realize is that that programs such as Atlas help you adapt your work so it is published for eBooks, MOBI, ePubs, etc.


There are ways around this seemingly problematic issue, and when people start looking at technology sometimes they freak out because they don't fully understand it.

My advice for someone going through this would be to just do it. You need to learn because this is the world we live in. People aren't only publishing for print through InDesign anymore, but it's important to remember that there once was a time that we didn't even publish using InDesign. Publishing processes keep changing over time, and just like computer technology, it is important to keep up with the latest trends and fashions.



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Hey Marissa - I totally agree

Hey Marissa - I totally agree with your advice for people who are thinking about self-publishing. Even though it can seem like a daunting task, I think it's totally worth a shot as an easy (and basically free) way to get your work noticed, potentially by a large, traditional publishing house. I also like what you said about people needing to realize that times are changing and they need to get on board with technology - very true! Thanks for sharing!

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I thought it was so awesome

I thought it was so awesome that someone can make $2 million by self-publishing their own work and not having to go through a publishing company. It makes you think how many awesome manuscripts were weeded out or left unpublished before self-publishing.

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Hey Marissa

You need to learn because this is the world we live in." This kind of woke me up. I am one of those people who is very apprehensive about self-publishing, even now after being in this class. I just feel like self-publishing will look like defeat. But in reality, this isn't true at all and this is where the future is heading!