Should [I] Write a Book?

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I'm starting to think the answer is yes.


APE (Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur) has really surprised me, even just two chapters in. I did the terrible thing of judging it by its cover, and was doubtful that this book could really be that interesting. I'll admit, I was wrong.

I love that Kawaski starts by explaining something a lot of people would assume is understood: good reasons and bad reasons one could write a book. Sometimes the most striking thoughts are the ones we assume are common knowledge. It's usually in explicating them that we find the most simple yet profound ideas.


And also--not to make this sound like my personal diary, but I found these chapters to be really encouraging. As someone who has wanted to but been intimidated by the prospects of writing a book, this confirmed that I need to write one one day, and that my reason for wanting to write it makes it worthwhile.