The skill of Learning

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“Every new tool shapes the way we think, as well as what we think about.” (Thompson, 7). This quote from Thompson’s Smarter Than You Think was very profound to me. It shows that our minds are always seeping in new knowledge and are changing and shaping as time continues. It really makes me think of learning as a creative twist on an already exciting life. An example of this in my life is that when I read Shakespeare
I often start talking in rhythm on accident. My friends always call me on it, but it shows the effect the words have on my mind.
The world is a stage

It also shows how anyone can change their career. My sister was trained in communications, but she now works as an accountant, and she even talks about boring accounting problems over dinner. Her mind has changed with this new thing that she must focus on. Yet she still doesn’t give up what she learned in college, she has a facebook page for her photography and she is really good at it.
It really shows the flexibility of the human mind that my sister can excel at two seemingly separate trades. The brain is made to learn and remember.

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Hey Theresa,

Hey Theresa,
This post was need considering you applied it to Shakespeare. Clive Thompson really discusses how the world is constantly changing, therefore our minds are always coming up with new ideas. I think it is important for us to remember that we, as a civilization, are shaping the world as we know it. This has become more and more effective with the developments in technology.