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The readings about Digital School and Ambient Awareness this week were really interesting to me. I especially enjoyed the section on Digital School because I tend to learn better when studying a lesson online. In high school, I had a lot of troubles with math and attended many tutoring sessions during the week outside of class just to be able to keep up. Tutoring helped, but the subject was still a huge struggle for me.

When I got into college, the math issues I had followed me into even harder math classes. I would go to tutoring and SI sessions for certain principles in math I didn’t understand, and most of the time, the tutors wouldn’t understand it either. And if they did, they would teach me a totally different strategy to solving a problem than what the teacher or other students used. It was always a struggle.

These problems even followed me into economics classes. I would have problems following the formulas in economics, and would seek tutoring. Turns out, there weren’t any tutors for economics. I was pointed to an online site called Khan Academy, which saved my life. Not only could I learn at my own pace, but also I could excel ahead of lessons in class. I could pause and rewind the lesson when I didn’t understand a concept, allowing me to take the time I needed on a idea I was learning.

Eventually, I was teaching other students in my class how to solve problems. I made 60s and 70s on every test in my Macroeconomics class. By the time the final came around, I made an A on the exam, and pulled a B out of the class. What I’m getting at is that Digital School was more helpful to me than any tutor or teacher had been during a time I was struggling. I honestly wish I had known about it sooner so I could make better grades in high school. I probably wouldn’t have stressed as much over tests if I had known about Khan Academy then. I definitely agree with this chapter on Digital School, and encourage other students to use online website as well.

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Well said, Valerie. I, too,

Well said, Valerie. I, too, struggle at math and could have used Khan Academy for help. On top of being a visual learner who finds the incorporation of tools such as that very helpful, I am conscientious and like to study at a slower pace in order to better absorb information. This is hard to do in a classroom, which, as you pointed out, is one of the reasons why Khan Academy and other tools like it are so useful.

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That was a really awesome

That was a really awesome story about Khan Academy! I usually hate online learning, but that is probably because I've only been on sites that haven't been very effective. It is great that you found something that works for you!
Great Job!

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Math IS hard.

Math was always my worst subject too. It is really cool that you used Khan Academy and now we are reading about it! I am more of a hands on type of learner and learn better in a classroom setting but people have different learning styles and I think that the trick is to know which style is best for you!