Story Time for Adults

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When I was in high school, students would come back from winter break and, instead of immediately rushing back into the unending labor of schoolwork, would get the opportunity to spend a week studying various academic 'crafts.' One year I was fortunate enough to attend a course entitled "The Art of Storytelling." An older gentlemen and my teacher, probably in his 70's, was a member of the local "Storytelling Guild," which is a formal way of saying a bunch of other older guys sitting around listening to each others stories.


It sounds absolutely terrible, but this guy was enthralling. He had us hanging on every word he said--for hours, no less--and did so with rhetoric that was simple and pleasing to the ear. I was completely taken aback by how well he was able to handle 15 High School-aged students.

Unfortunately, our work is kind of a lot like my story-teller friend. It can be captivating, enjoyable, and all-around great, but the fact is that most people would never know that there was a story-telling guild in Greenville, or that this guy was a part of it. So Kleon is right in pushing us to get our work out there.

What is fortunate for us, however, is the fact that sometimes telling the story of how you created your work is reason enough to attract attention, and again Kleon is right on. I'm starting to think he might know what he's talking about.



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I had a similar experience

I had a similar experience with a storyteller from a storyteller's guild as well. He was amazing and you're so right that it is unknown and the art is lost on so many others that should be able to enjoy their work just like us.