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The world of the internet is infinite and can be terrifying, but it has definitely created a new kind of every day interest in writing. There are so many different forums of writing, whether it’s fanfiction or a blog. It really creates a world of sharing and forming opinions and learning how to argue for them.

my mom and my sister and meThis chapter made me think of when I was younger, my mom home schooled me for 6th and 7th grade, and she made me write daily. Now when I was 11 I thought I’d be a scientist when I grew up (haha), and I didn’t understand why a scientist would need to write. My mom had the same lecture about how writing creates an orderly formation of thoughts. She had me write about the books I was reading, whether it was literature, science, or history. And when we moved to South Carolina and I applied at St. Joseph’s my teachers were astonished at the ease at which I could write cohesively in 8th grade.

My mom really helped form, not just my writing skills, but my oldest sister has an English degree, and my other sister is writing a novel. My mom really understood the importance of writing and was able to teach her kids how to write well.

When I was 15 I decided to start a blog about The Lord of the Rings. (I was born a nerd). I haven’t posted on it for 3 years now, but it still gets hits every day. It honestly feels like I forgot about it, and checked it one random day to find it had over 28,000 views. It really shows the power of the internet and how something you write years ago can still be read and liked. It’s really a crazy awesome thing.



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I was homeschooled too!

Hey there! This is a great connection! I didn't think about it when I was writing mine but that is very true. My mom made me write so much, it has such an impact on the kind of writer I am today. The internet brings power that's for sure!
Larissa Barkley

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Hey Theresa,

Hey Theresa,
This was an awesome post. I think it is so cool that you started a blog about The Lord of the Rings. I'm more of a hobbit fan though. I also have a personal blog that I don't let anyone know about. I write my most personal thoughts and feelings on it anonymously, and get anonymous responses from other people who can relate or help. I think blogging is a great way to connect with other people, especially people who are interested in the same things you are. Great post!

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I really like how you bring

I really like how you bring in different examples of where the homeschooling course has taken you. I'm tired of seeing people in science-y majors who don't know how to communicate their ideas in a way that reflects their intelligence. I'm glad your mom emphasized the importance of writing.

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That's so cool that you were

That's so cool that you were writing so young. I hated reading and writing really until I got to high school. I still find blogging really challenging, I can never make myself do it.