Principles of Reading Responses

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Throughout the semester, you will be responsible for writing blog responses regularly. Each reading response should be specifically focused on the reading and the prompt provided on the calendar, clearly indicate that you have read and thought seriously about the reading, and be sufficiently developed. Reading responses should between 150 and 200 words (no longer). Use the tag provided in the prompt itself on the calendar, plus any other tags you'd like. In most cases, you've been asked to provide images and links with your blog posts.

In composing your reading response you should:

  • Be sure to focus your response on the subject of the prompt.
  • Link your response to recent class discussions online, your current project work, something you might have read elsewhere, and/or previous professional, academic, or personal experience writing and communicating in other contexts.
  • Discuss how the reading contributes to your understanding of the current project, expands your understanding of recent discussions, or suggests ideas for your work in the class.
  • Be sure to properly cite the original reading and any other sources you might mention. Good citation practice is critical in all writing and especially so on the Web.
  • You can apply the rhetorical considerations discussed in Principles for Posting to Your Weblog to your reading responses.