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Principles of Reading Responses

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Throughout the semester, you will be responsible for writing blog responses regularly. Each reading response should be specifically focused on the reading and the prompt provided on the calendar, clearly indicate that you have read and thought seriously about the reading, and be sufficiently developed. Reading responses should between 150 and 200 words (no longer). Use the tag provided in the prompt itself on the calendar, plus any other tags you'd like. In most cases, you've been asked to provide images and links with your blog posts.

Learning to Navigate the Site

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On or after the first day of class, you'll want to explore some of the features of the site. This document gives an overview of a few features you might want to take a look at that will help you to navigate the site.


Once you've logged in to the site, you'll also find one or more "blocks" that contain additional site navigation or other content boxes. These boxes may be located on the left or the right side of the page, depending on the site's design.