Week 6: February 10 and 12

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Tuesday, February 10

Due Today

  • Reading. Go by Chip Kidd. Introduction ("Okay, So Just What Is Graphic Design") and Chapter 1 ("Form").
  • Blogging. Respond to the reading by taking three photographs of something you see on campus representing good or interesting design and that have someting, even remotely, to do with books or the ideas or activities that swirl around books as material things and concepts. Include the three images in your blog, and then describe why you chose them, what you like about their design, and anything else that comes to mind. It's okay to think abstractly and metaphorically, so, for example, the object you photograph might convey the "idea" of a book, even if it's not material book. This week, you'll need three images in your blog post, but you only need to link elsewhere if doing so enhances your post. TAGS: blog4, design, and any others that may be relevant.

In-Class Activities

Activities to Complete by Thursday, February 12

  • Be sure that you're able to run InDesign CC 2014 on a computer that you have easy access to. We'll be working on books in InDesign often from this point forward.

Thursday, February 12

In-Class Activities

  • Assign books to project teams; share content with Atlas teams; begin individual book projects.
  • Here are two links to a majority of the books for the Adobe DPS Project:
  • Meet in Project Teams. There are 35 titles to include in the Adobe DPS App, so each team should select 11 titles to work on (Dr. B. will be helping, so don't worry!)

Activities to Complete by Tuesday, February 17

  • Reading. Read the chapters 3 and 4 ("Public Thinking" and "The New Literacies") in Clive Thompson's Smarter Than You Think (pp. 45-114).
  • Blogging. Respond to the reading by focusing on one or more key points in these two chapters, with a particular focus on the nature of new literacies, how these relate to publishing and books, or writing and creativity in the digital age. (These are just examples, so you can venture to your own favorites. Write a blog post in which you elaborate on Thompson's idea, connect it to your own experience, and then connect it with the experience of others. As always, include two more more images (photographs that you take and that might illustrate your ideas work really well!) and two external links to the work or writing of others. TAGS: blog5, smarter, and any others that may be relevant.